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About Childhoods

CHILDHOODS exists to make a positive impact in the lives of children it touches. We lay emphasis on adding value to the lives of the kids through our core preschool business. At childhoods we believe that education is a natural process carried out by the child & not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment, hence we help children learn, as opposed to teaching them.

Our early childhood education philosophy is a unique & judicious blend of Montessori, Play way & Gardener's multiple intelligence theory, preparing children not just for school but for life. We have strived to ensure that our school includes child-friendly spaces and learning rooms and excellent curriculum .

Vidula Shirodkar Telange -The founder and head of Childhoods has a Masters degree in Management from Mumbai University. Has enriching experience in the field of Human Resource function of multinational companies and sound understanding of human psychology.

The Idea to start a preschool of own came when she herself was finding a preschool for her son.After lot of groundwork it was realised that there is a need for a preschool that designed to set a child up for success. Thus Childhoods was born. As a head of school she charts curriculum, manage parent relations and provide overall leadership to the school and work with children.

“Childhoods” is committed to the pursuit of providing early childhood education that contributes significantly in shaping the overall personalities of the adult that grows out of the child.

MISSION: “Childhoods” will meet its vision through:

  • A curriculum focused active and experiential learning designed and developed by experts.
  • High-quality and purposeful learning materials.
  • Well-prepared, attentive facilitators Intentionally-prepared environment.
  • Acknowledging and responding to each child's potential by maintaining ideal teacher to student ratio.
  • An authentic partnership with parents as an essential resource for the child's learning.
  • Mixed age group model.

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The design and flow of the Montessori classroom..

Learning materials

The hallmark of education at "CHILDHOODS" is its...

Playgroup and Nursery

This program is held for children aged between 1.5yrs - 3yrs..

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